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The young players 6 & 7-year-olds, work on developing their motor skills, multi-lateral vision, game awareness and soccer skills in a fun and safe environment.

Train two nights per week. Depending on the numbers, one night will be dedicated to mini-tournaments.


Practice Focus

Small-sided games:  lots of 1v1s and 2 v 2s,


Multilateral games:  tag games, hopping, jumping eEyeball

ball coordination games: running with the ball, catching the ball, tip- toeing on the ball etc.


General Movements Fun activities and games with a ball each, Running, jumping, twisting, rolling, concentrate on dribbling, all directions.


The program last 45 minutes of 25 minutes of little games and 20 minutes inter “team” scrimmages


Players will be grouped into teams of 5 players.


Four nets are used instead of the traditional two net games.

Teams will consist of 3 players with two reserves and no goalies.

Coaches will monitor the games. No scores are kept.

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