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program overview

The mentorship program, led by Vasco Nunes, our Technical Coaching Director, is open to both our existing coaches and young players aspiring to become coaches. The program lasts for two summer seasons, approximately 8-10 months.


It aligns with the Canadian Soccer Coaches Development Program and aims to enhance participants' understanding of the Xcel-Coaching Model, foster the development of young players, cultivate leadership skills, and provide support to coaches during their licensing assessments. The program also aims to assist coaches in reaching the pinnacle of their coaching profession.

We strongly encourage young females to join this program as it contributes to the growth of our girls' program. Female mentees will have the opportunity to apply for the Ontario Soccer Association's Female Mentorship Program.

The Mentorship Program is an integral part of a comprehensive support system and represents another aspect of Ontario Soccer's commitment to Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) under the guidance of Canada Soccer.


Program Structure

  1. Head Mentor Coach

    • Roles / Responsibilities:

      • Will deliver the Female Coach Mentorship Program

      • Will ensure mentee coaches fulfill their responsibilities and commitments and ensure Ontario Soccer meets their expectations. 

      • Will offer professional guidance and support to the mentee coaches, while also providing detailed feedback, both verbally and in writing

      • Will conduct practice reviews and also review C Licence, B Licence Part 1, and B Licence Part 2 practice sessions.

      • Will host coaching workshops for aspiring female soccer coaches interested in developing and expanding their coaching knowledge

        • Expectations:

          • Will commit to a 9–month program on a volunteer basis

          • Plan a schedule to complete  C Licence, B Licence Part 1, and B Licence Part 2 coaching license

          • Will plan and deliver practice C Licence, B Licence Part 1, and B Licence Part 2 sessions

          • Will participate in session and game observation (pre and post discussions with Head Mentor Coach)

          • Will attend Online Coaching Workshops

          • Will deliver on-field sessions as required

          • Will attend CSA / OSA summits

          • Will assume coaching leadership role as they attain their C Licence, B Licence – Part 1, and B Licence – Part 2 licenses

            • Mentor Coach will provide feedback

              • Halton Hawks FC  technical Director  to be involved in the debrief portion of the practice assessments

            • Topics will be with discussion with the Mentor Coach


Goals and Objectives


1. To develop  soccer coaches, who will encourage young female and male coaches to join Halton Hawks FC

2. To increase the number of qualified coaches 

3. To encourage promising female soccer coaches across Ontario to reach their full coaching.

4. To offer our members the best coaching experience in Ontario


1. To prepare male/female soccer coaches for the C License, B License – Part 1 (Provincial B), and B License – Part 2 (National B) courses.


1. Increase the number of soccer coaches in the Licensing (Excellence) coaching stream;

2. Increase the number of female soccer coaches working part-time/full-time in the sport;

3. Increase the number of coaches working in OPDL environments.




In order to be part of this program, the mentee has to be 18 years or older.

Preference will be given to the Region of Halton-based mentees.

Must have access to their own transport.

Must commit to the two-year program.

Min of Grade 12

  • Mentees should've had completed all the necessary community training.

    • Learn to Train

    • Respect in Soccer

    • Make Ethical Decisions Workshop

    • Make Headway

  • Mentees must provide proof of a background check and Vulnerable Sector Screening.

  • Mentees need to provide a letter of intent

  • Mentees need to include an essay describing the reason for applying for the program.

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