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General Feedback and Testimonials

“As a soccer parent, my main concern was for my son to first have fun, learn and show improvement. When my son was cut from a competitive soccer team because “my son did not develop during the season”, my response was “your training didn’t help my son develop.” I quickly registered my son with the HHFC training which developed from the HHFC  training that was offered from the City. My son was welcomed and began to respond.


Vasco and his trainers, while regimented, encouraged fun, individuality and team play…. while training. Visualization of the game and training were the objective for each player to understand. Their skills develop with that vision and guidance of the Training Model. Under Vasco, Steven became a leader with a voice for his team on the pitch. Results were never discussed at our many successful tournaments….they were a result of the teams passing, effort and attitude.


Other teams often wondered who was coaching the kids as nothing was heard from our benches; the players did the talking on the pitch. If you want a coach that is results-oriented without giving your child the tools, HHFC  is not the choice. If you want a coach to yell at your kids and tell them what to do…. HHFC is not the place.


But if you want your child to learn about soccer, have fun, and become a better player go see Vasco, Toni and their trainers. Thanks, Toni and Vasco for making Steven a better, smarter and team player. With the utmost thanks” John Kohanic – EX Halton Hawks Parent

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