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Our dear friend, mentor, and inspiration passed away on 14th February 2016. He will be sadly missed by his many friends in the world of soccer, hockey, and beyond.

Coach Vasco met Horst in 1986 after Horst watched him play in a South African

professional soccer game.

They remained friends until the sad day of Horst's passing.

Born in Hannover, Germany, Horst lived for the latter half of his life in Barcelona, where he is survived by his two sons.

Horst and Vasco

Horst Wein with Vasco Nunes

Horst was encouraged by FC Barcelona to bring his game intelligence approach to football and he worked as a consultant for many top European and International clubs as well as a host of international football federations.


His lasting legacy in Spanish soccer is his famous age-appropriate development model “Futbol a la medida del Nino” which has been the official textbook there for more than two decades.

His influence first in the game of hockey started as a German International player, and later as a coach, leading Spain to their first-ever European title and an Olympic silver medal. He was the first to be awarded the title of FIH Master Coach and also became the first-ever coach to the European team for their match against Asia in 1975. His book “The Science of Hockey” has sold more copies than any other hockey book.

Horst with a young Coach Sasha

Horst Wein with a young

Coach Sasha Nunes

Horst and Toni Marin

Horst Wein with Toni Marin

Sam Snow -Vasco and Horst

Sam Snow - USA Soccer  Director of Youth Coaching,  Vasco Nunes, TCD

Halton Hawks FC, and Horst Wein

In the year 2000, Coach Vasco moved to Canada. During a period of five years, we brought out Horst on numerous occasions to promote the Soccer Development Model. Unfortunately, the Canadian Soccer Association was not interested.

Horst suggested that Coach Vasco form his own Academy and implement the model.

and so in 2002, Soccer Development Model Academy was founded by Coach Vasco and Toni Marin.

In 2009, Coach Vasco became the official representative of Horst in North America.

In 2016 Xcel Coaching Model replaced - Soccer Development Model.

Horst will be fondly remembered for his passion to bring a child-friendly approach to coaching soccer and indeed all sports.

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