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"Project 2026" is a new initiative targeted at boys born in 2009-2010


The main aim of this endeavor is to uncover and nurture exceptional young talent, particularly those aged 17/18, by 2026 with a golden opportunity to jet off to Portugal for a once-in-a-lifetime evaluation. "Project 2026" sets its sights on creating a formidable U15 team for the upcoming scorching summer of 2024, all with the ultimate objective of propelling these promising athletes to stardom, potentially joining the ranks of Farense in the 2025/2026 season.

This program represents our most audacious venture yet, a clear reflection of our unswerving dedication to sculpting the future stars of soccer.

  • This age group competes in the Peel Halton Soccer League

  • Play their games during the week.

  • Participate in the Ontario Cup.

  • Play 11 v 11 games.

  • This is an intense program that requires time commitment and dedication.

  • This group trains 3 to 4 x per week 

  • One night per week is dedicated to skill and technique training.

  • This group focuses on improving technique, tactical awareness, and transitional play with ball or without the ball.


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