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Mental skills for young athletes: A mental skills workbook for athletes 12 years and under Paperback

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John Hogg's book, Mental Skills for Young Athletes, is designed to fill one of the most glaring voids in the mental training literature-an age-appropriate mental training workbook for athletes age 12 and under. In this well-written book, John Hogg and his animal friends guide young athletes through self-exploration and learning activities designed to enhance mental skills. Hogg has used his extensive experiences in coaching and sport psychology to create this well-organized, 152- page, spiral-bound workbook, which combines thoughtful narratives and dialogues with age-appropriate activities designed to help young athletes understand, use, and enjoy the mental training information. In the foreword, Wayne Gretzky adds superstar name recognition to enhance receptivity to the mental component of training and competition. The chapter-by-chapter format can be followed sequentially or used to target specific mental training issues as they occur.

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