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Halton Hawks "Adopts" a South African Club.

Halton Hawks FC is proud to announce that we have adopted a South African Soccer Club.

The Club, The Golden Boys, now renamed to The Golden Hawks, a South African Club, located in a Village named Mamanyoha., in the Limpopo Province in South Africa.

“We are excited about this project” said Vasco Nunes, the Halton Hawks FC, Technical Coaching Director “South Africa is always in my heart and it gives us much pleasure of being able help these young boys flourish in every aspect of their lives”.

“We are so grateful for the prospect of working with the Halton Hawks” said Mrs. Molele the founder of the Golden Boys “the coaching knowledge and other support with be invaluable to our coaches and players”

“We are in talks with DHL and other shipping carriers to support us with the shipping of soccer equipment and uniforms to South Africa”, said Ms. Toni Marin, President of the Halton Hawks.

“The children along with Mrs. Molele are so excited to embark on this journey and look forward to a wonderful future and being able to represent the Hawks in Africa.” Added Ms. Alta Bryden, South African Sponsor

About The Golden Hawks.

Written by Mpho Molele (Mrs. Molele’s daughter

Alfred and his wife Mmampho Molele retired at the end of their working lives and decided to move back to Limpopo to a village named Mamanyoha.

Mamanyoha is a small village with a lot of children, mostly raised by single or unemployed parents. There are few sport activities and no playgrounds, as is the case in most of these dusty rural villages.

Mmampho has a great love for children and she made a conscious decision to draw the children in her village closer to her by involving them in the game of soccer. At the age of 59 she has the perfect disposition to be a mentor to the younger generation. This soccer team activity would give them hope in a country that does not provide for the development of the poorer communities that are out of sight. Talk is cheap in South Africa and so are lives.

It provided an outcome to them that showed them pride in what they can achieve and an opportunity to be part of a team where they could share their experiences in a healthy environment. So many lost children in South Africa are forced to fend for themselves and they become involved in drugs and alcohol abuse, Mmampho did not want this to happen in Mamanyoha. She stood up and made a difference.

She named them “The Golden Boys” as she regards them as her family and her Treasure.

Mmampho has provided for the Golden Boys by selling fries and hot foods. She uses the profits to buy petrol for the transport to their games and to buy Soccer kits and boots, as far as possible. The children deserve the best and Mmampho gives her best. They travel between 20 to 40 kilometres to attend matches. Masale Ramaano coaches the boys and takes great pride in the team.

The children prepare well for every game. There are some stars on the team, but really, they are all stars.

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